Experience of 12 years, modern solutions and professional lawyers form the key to success of the Verdikts team for your challenges with debtors! We can help in all the stages of recovery of international and local debt in the following and many other sectors:

Since each sector has its specific characteristics, laws and regulations, it is important to comply with them and not to make mistakes in the communication process with debtor. Find more detailed information on debt recovery processes and the specific characteristics of each sector below!


Many cases of debt recovery in the construction sector arise due to disputes – regarding the performance of works, quality of materials, supply deficiencies and missed deadlines. Frequently one of the contracted parties refuses to pay. Our knowledge and experience in construction sectors will enable you not only to successfully recover your debt, but also have justice on your side.

Real estate

Real estate owners rather frequently face missed rent payments or debt payments. There may be cases, when the struggle against tenants requires new approaches and solutions, because the debt collectors frequently face difficulties such as anger, desperation, various misunderstandings and disputes.

Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture, forestry, cattle-breeding and crop farming companies may face outstanding contractual liabilities, outstanding or overdue invoices, as well as disputes on various matters. Your debtor may even try to find a deficiency in the contract.

Wholesale and retail trade

Many retail trade and wholesale companies are forced to chase their debtors. These sectors are frequently characterised by overdue settlements between shop owners and suppliers, thus negatively affecting the further financial flow of trade companies. Do not let your debtors stand in the way of your company’s growth!

Carriage by road

In the field of carriage by road services, disagreements may arise leading to the customer’s refusal to pay. Based on our experience, we know that building a sustainable relationship is extremely important. We can help you, from conducting negotiations with the customer to the recovery of debt.


Regardless of the industrial sector your company operates in, problems related to debtor’s debts affect every company – both in the light and heavy manufacturing industry. Every overdue invoice issued for the produced goods or provided service has a negative impact on the successful and efficient operation of the company. Timely detection of overdue debts and developed plan of the debtors’ debt policy may help prevent a threat to the cash flow of any industrial company.