The team of Verdikts consists of specialists in the area of debt recovery with a hardened look at debt recovery processes. Our duty is to take care of the creditor’s interests, ensuring the efficient and professional legal solution of the case. By using professional solutions, an individual approach and legally correct debt recovery methods, we improve debtors’ payment discipline and stabilise the company’s cash flow to the maximum extent!

You will find the following services in the portfolio of services provided by Verdikts:

  • Consulting on possible solutions for the recovery of debts
  • Extrajudicial recovery of debts (collection)
  • Debt purchasing (Cessions)
  • Stamp service – for the fast and efficient receipt of delayed payment of invoices
  • Automatic data transfer to,, and debtors’ registers
  • Debt register
  • Preparation of claims for debtors
  • Preparation of documents and applications for courts and law enforcement authorities
  • Preparation of calculations of a contractual penalty, late payment fee or statutory interest
  • Debt monitoring and analysis of information available in public registers
  • Representation in court and in out-of-court proceedings
  • Submission of writs of execution to a bailiff and case monitoring
  • Protection of creditors’ interests in insolvency proceedings

Remember – debt is not an old, outdated vehicle, which may be simply written off.