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What our customers say about us:

Verdikts, in association with the electric installation company LLC (SIA) “CAPITALIS INŽENIERSISTĒMAS”, has proven itself for several years as a reliable business partner with an efficient team of specialists, which helps me as their customer to overcome difficulties. I associate Verdikts with the precise execution of mutual agreements and an attitude of personnel that is focused on the interests of customers.

Valters Ozols


Services are provided at a high professional level, the company adapts to the customer’s wishes and finds successful solutions to the problems. The JSC (AS) “Siguldas Būvmeisters” recommends the LLC (SIA) “Verdikts” as a reliable cooperation partner.

Jānis Purgailis

JSC (AS) “Siguldas Būvmeisters”

We’ve been cooperating with Verdikts since 2019 and have successfully handed over several cases, which the cooperation partner has resolved to the extent possible, and we have recovered the debts, thus retaining a major part of our business income.

We would like to especially highlight the response time of our partner’s employees and operative communication on statuses of and matters concerning active cases. Automatic correspondence to our customers regarding active cases helps in avoiding additional communication, thus saving time. In view of the fact that Verdikts has proven itself as a professional and efficient representative of the sector of operation, we recommend this company as a safe, reliable long-term partner in respect of debt recovery services and matters related thereto.

Jānis Karāns

Bregards LLC (SIA)

Our company does not hold a special position to deal with the matters of debtors, and, with the current resources, we are only able to work on this indirectly. However, the identification of debtors must take place in an operative manner upon the first signs of complications. Therefore, we chose Verdikts as our outsourcing partner, which resolves such issues in an effective and productive way.


Innocent PRO LLC (SIA)

In our field, the number of outstanding service invoices is comparatively low, however, it is higher than zero. For many years, we have tried to deal with these issues by our own effort, both by involving individual lawyers, and trying to agree independently. However, frequently our effort did not achieve any effect.

We are very pleased with our cooperation partner Verdikts, because all the cases are resolved in a very professional manner - rationally, correctly, and efficiently. And the main thing - when achieving the result, relations are never damaged with any of the parties involved. Quite the opposite in fact; the resolution of long-term issues opens up opportunities for new cooperation possibilities!

Laura Slaviņa


Excellently done job, responsiveness and agility to react to the situation, as well as the ability to find the right solutions. I would definitely recommend to all small and medium enterprises that do not have an in-house lawyer, but which need professional help. I was positively surprised that representatives of Verdikts were well aware of the particular situation our company was in, and knew precisely how to act. And, the main thing, a well done job and positive outcome.

Jānis Romanovskis


We have established great long-term cooperation with Verdikts. We highly appreciate the company’s professionalism, efficiency and quality of the provided services. Furthermore, we would like to mention the professional competence of the company’s employees and their attitude towards us as a partner. Our cooperation has resulted in improved payment discipline of debtors, which positively affects the company’s cash flow. We recommend Verdikts as a professional and reliable partner.

Gundars Zariņš

Reaktīvs LLC (SIA)

We are very pleased with the professional approach of the LLC (SIA) Verdikts. Now we have a permanent legal partner, with which we are planning long-term cooperation. In cooperation with Verdikts, we have already managed to recover debts from customers we already regarded as hopeless. Verdikts constantly keeps us updated on all the changes in our case without ignoring even the slightest of details. We started treating our work documents in a different way. In the case of any questions of a legal nature, we always know who to contact.

Artūrs Zeiza

LLC (SIA) AZ Welding